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Homemade Hamentaschen, a Purim Treat!

On Saturday, Purim will begin at sundown.  In order to honor this holiday, I decided to try making Hamentaschen, the filled cookie made by Jewish people for Purim.  After received a few recipes I decided to reach out to my husband’s Aunt Carol who graciously shared a recipe passed down to her by her grandfather after her grandmother’s passing.  It comes from the book, Love and Knishes.  Grandma Jeannie received this book as a gift in the early 1960s and has been in the family since. 

Since apricot and poppy seed are the most traditional, I started with those two fillings.  Then, since the book had a recipe for cheese, I made a few as well.  And, for fun, I put nutella in the last batch. Because, although not at all traditional, nutella just makes everything better.

So, this weekend, whether you are Jewish or not, channel your inner Bubbe and make a few.

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