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From Nonna's Kitchen: Rocío's Peruvian Artichoke Tart

I must admit, before my Nonna project, Peruvian food was not on my radar.  I had never been to a Peruvian restaurant and I hadn’t had the pleasure of making any Peruvian friends.  So, when the opportunity arose to learn some traditional dishes from Perú, from Rocío Quispe-Agnoli, a friend of my father, I was excited to get on board. 

Rocío came to North America as a young student and before leaving home, she had the foresight to copy her mother’s cherished recipe book.  As she taught me the recipe for her mother’s delicious Pastel de alcachofas (artichoke tart or cake,) I was instantly transported to the warm comforts of her mother’s kitchen.  Delicious and decadent, this dish is worthy of any formal occasion or, quite honestly, it’s perfect on a weeknight too. 


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