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From Nonna's Kitchen: Magda’s Delicious Pork Adobo

When I had the opportunity to cook with a talented Filipina home cook in my Heirloom Kitchen, I knew exactly what we could make: adobo, which is considered the national dish of the Philippines. Magda was warm, sweet and incredibly willing to show me this dish she makes for her family on a regular basis.  I was excited to taste it to experience this popular dish. Adobo is typically made with bone-in chicken or pork ribs; what’s consistent is the sauce, always a blend of vinegar and soy sauce. Magda told me that Adobo is a matter of taste.  Some like it more tart and will add more vinegar.  The ratios in her recipe provide for a balanced sauce, but if you prefer more sweet or tart, adjust the vinegar and sweet soy until you create a sauce just for you.  As Magda said, the acid-sweet level of an adobo depends on the taste of the chef and her family.

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