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From Nonna's Kitchen: Bea’s Serbian Pita

While attending a holiday party I was lucky enough to sit next to Bea, a wonderful woman and begin a pleasant conversation about international food. After we chatted I told her about my project and how I hoped she would like to participate.  Without even knowing me 10 minutes she agreed to teach me a few Hungarian and Serbian dishes.

Cooking with Bea was great because aside from the fact that I love spending time with her, she is versed in both Hungarian dishes learned from her mother and also Serbian dishes they began to eat after moving to Belgrade at the age of two.  Her first language was Hungarian. Later on she learned Serbian, German, French, Italian and of course English. I was excited to learn Hungarian Paprikash as it is so well known but also really loved learning how to make pita, similar to burek, a very well known Serbian dish made with filo dough and a few different fillings.  Bea makes one with cheese and another with meat.  Equally delicious, now, when I make it, it’s hard to choose!

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