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'Suped-Up' Super Bowl Sunday

The super bowl is approaching and if your house is anything like mine, it’s the one day a year your husband and his friends take over the living room, get loud and have a good time watching America’s favorite sport.

I’m not a fan of football.  Sad to say, I’m still not very clear on the rules and haven’t invested much time trying to figure it out.  What I do enjoy though, is any excuse to throw together a fun party with really good food.

Now yes, you can throw some chips in a bowl and call it a day but seriously, where is the fun in that?  Instead, this year, get creative so that even if you’re aren’t interested in the game, you will still be having a good time…eating.

I can’t tell you who is playing in the game but what I can guarantee is that if you make a few of these delicious recipes, all of your guest will be well fed and happy regardless of who scores the winning touchdown.

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