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From Nonna's Kitchen: Nikki's Haitian Cashew Chicken

Recently, a quick road trip to Brooklyn landed me in beautiful Haiti with my culinary guide Nikki.  Nikki came to the U.S. in the mid 1980s to explore New York City, the art world, French literature and a new exciting life. 

She eventually settled in Brooklyn with her son and has called it home ever since.  While we cooked, she played Haitian music so that when I closed my eyes; the smells and sounds truly transported me.  We spoke about her life in Haiti, her family and favorite dishes her mother and grandmother cooked for her as a child.

Nikki made sure to teach me dishes that truly represented Haitian cuisine.  We made a rice with a very special mushroom, djon djon that only grow in Haiti.  In addition, we made Cashew Chicken, a very well known (and delicious!) dish.

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