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From Nonna's Kitchen: Angela’s Magic Cuban Black Beans

I have always been fascinated with Cuba.  A place where the culture is dynamic and rich and yet, riddled with struggle and oppression causing so many to flee the country they love.   Upon arrival from Cuba, they flocked to where other Cubans had already landed, taking each other in, and helping until a family of aunts, grandparents, parents and children could carve out an American life for themselves. 

Angela Diaz Porta came to the US when she was seventeen years old.  She is an incredible person and talented cook.  Angela cooks traditional Cuban food for her daughters and grandchildren to this day. 

She cooks many delicious dishes, but for me, she made Cuban Black Beans.  A staple to any Cuban dinner table, served with rice, this dish is simple and yet spectacular.

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From Nonna's Kitchen: Abuela Evelyn’s Pasteles

A true Puerto Rican girl - my friend Iris loves spending time with her mamma Evelyn.  She is very proud of her heritage and really enjoys eating the food of her youth.  I was really touched when Iris and Evelyn showed up to my house to teach me how to make their most cherished dish, Pasteles.

Pasteles are very important in Puerto Rican culture.  Served at the holidays with rice, beans and tostones, they are a labor of love.  The exterior (masa) is made from unripe, green bananas.  You have to grate each one on a box grater to get a fine pudding like consistency.   The abuelas never complain, but it is labor intensive!  The filling is a delicious blend of pork and traditional Puerto Rican spices and ingredients like pimentos and olives.  The achiote oil gives it a beautiful red hue and fills the entire kitchen with a very Latin aroma. 

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