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How-To Tuesday: Post Thanksgiving Bagel Brunch

I have a severe weakness for bagels.  I don’t eat them often but when I do, it needs to be worth the carb/calorie overload they are criminally known for.  Making them at home gives you the bakery fresh taste and they are so good, you don’t even need to toast them.  I make my own spice blend and I also add some to the dough so even the dough has a nice garlic and onion flavor.  If you just like them plain, omit the spices.  If you’re a cinnamon raisin fan, add 2 teaspoons of cinnamon to the dough and a handful of raisins.  Yummy!

So, here’s my post Thanksgiving suggestion...get up early and make some homemade bagels.  You can feed all those hungry stragglers that ended up staying the night and sleeping in until noon.  Pull some leftover turkey from the fridge, mix up some spicy mayo and have the best bagel sandwich in the whole wide world.

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