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Five Days of Christmas Cookies (DAY 5): Nonna Gina’s Pie Crust Cookies

The next time you realize you totally forgot about the cookie swap you need to go to tonight, make these and everyone will be asking you for the recipe.  So easy, so good and they come together in minutes - these cookies are awesome!  All you have to do is roll out some pie dough, sprinkle some really good filling, roll it back up and bake.  That’s it!  It's all the good toppings of a quality ice cream sundae rolled up in a pie crust. 

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Five Days of Christmas Cookies (DAY 2): Peanut Butter Crème’wiches

When I’m assembling my cookie tins for Christmas, I like to make a number of different cookies.  So, when you open up the tin, there is a little something for everyone.  I always include mini chocolate chip cookies, biscotti and tricolors.  For a peanut butter lover, I make these peanut butter sandwich cookies from Tom Colicchio’s sandwich chain ‘wichcraft.  These taste like the cookies peddled by your local Girl Scout troop but so much better.

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Sweet Tooth Friday (From Nonna's Kitchen Edition): Nonna Mary's Wine cookies

This recipe comes to me from my lovely friend Claudia.  She is a true Italian girl with both of her parent’s families hailing from the old country, northern Italy and Sicily.  Even though Claudia always jokes she isn’t much of a cook, I tend to doubt it because she definitely has some incredible cooking genes.  Her father was generous to share a few of his specialties and Claudia has saved many of the wonderful recipes her mother used to make.

Most of Claudia’s mom’s recipes come from her mother, Claudia’s grandmother Mary Zeppieri.  Mary came to the US at the age of 25 from Veroli, Italy and raised five children in upstate New York.  She was a dedicated wife and mother and always cooked homemade Italian food.  Claudia has dear memories of walking to her Nonna’s house every Sunday after church for these wonderful cookies.

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Cooking With Kids: Crispy Rocky Road Bites

By the time mid December rolls around, I’m already knee deep in Christmas cookie making.  My kids love making cookies for their teachers, bus driver, friends and family.  We package them up in pretty tins and everyone is always appreciative to get a huge variety of all the holiday classics.

My cookie tins are really varied - sugar cookies, chocolate chips, gingersnaps, rainbow cookies, biscotti and struffoli.  Every year my children love to make some candy for the tin and for sure, the chocolates are the first ones to go.

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Sweet Tooth Friday: Anna's Apple Oatmeal Sandwich Cookies

When I was in college, I had a serious weakness for the Sour Cream Walnut Apple Pie made by The Little Pie Company.  They came in mini pie tins and I could eat an entire one by myself - hello, freshman fifteen!  I wanted to develop a cookie recipe that showcased the strudel topping AND the sour cream flavor because the combination is just heavenly.  Here is my spin on combining cookies with the best pies you can get in NYC.

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Make Your Mamma Proud Chocolate Chip Cookies

I love chocolate chip cookies.  I’m not really into cake or ice cream, I’m a cookie person.  So, when I get a hankering for something sweet I make chocolate chip cookies.  I think the most important component of the chocolate chip cookies is really, good quality chocolate chunks (sorry Nestle).  What I want is big globs of melted chocolate pieces held together by a little bit of dough.   

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