Heirloom Kitchen in the News

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – In celebration of Caesar Chavez day, Anna cooked up Huevos Divorciados, “Divorced Eggs.”  A Mexican dish taught to her by a Mexican immigrant.

"When I had the opportunity to cook with a talented Filipina home cook, Magda, I knew exactly what we could tackle: adobo, which is considered the national dish of the Philippines. I was excited to taste it. Adobo is typically made with bone-in chicken or pork ribs, but other proteins or even vegetables could be used; what’s consistent is the marinade, always a blend of vinegar and soy sauce."

"This recipe takes a bit of elbow grease but yields about 40, and you can pop the extra in the freezer. So delicious and so versatile, try them steamed, fried, or even boiled in your favorite soup! "

"Recipe author  Anna Francese Gass says, “You’ll never make asparagus again without peeling off the bottoms.” 

We’re not talking about shaving the entire spear, mind you, as would be done for a salad, just peeling away some of their most fibrous parts. Plus, you'll get the added benefit of not having to squirrel the peelings away for later (or feel guilty about composting them): You’re using them right away, to create something equally as delicious as your (now tender) peeled spears—Fried Asparagus Trimmings"

"These stuffed mushrooms are easy and can be made way ahead. You can make them with sweet or spicy sausage depending on your taste. Depending on the size of your mushrooms, you might end up with extra stuffing. No problem! Roll up the stuffing into little balls and freeze. Next time you have some impromptu guests, pop them in the mushrooms and bake away!"

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"Burek is a popular dish served all over Eastern Europe. By using phyllo dough instead of the traditional dough used in Serbian bakeries, Nanni Bea made it into what is called a "pita". The filling is meat, but you can also make it with cheese, known as sirnica burek. This Serbian pita is delicious and great for serving a crowd! "

"This is a classic recipe for a very popular Greek dish. Nelly, the wonderful Greek woman who shared this recipe with me, makes it every year for her Church's festival. I think that is quite fitting, as this recipe is so good, it's worthy of the Gods! "

"I was fortunate enough to learn this recipe from a wonderful Lebanese woman named Irene. This delicious dessert is made of shredded phyllo soaked in butter with a creamy cheese center and a drizzling of orange blossom simple syrup. It's a sweet enjoyed all over the Middle East: Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Jordan, and even northern Egypt. Traditionally, the cheese used is nabulsi, a soft white cheese, but Irene substitutes mozzarella because it's much easier to find!"

"Candy for Passover! Matzo covered in caramel, chocolate, and nuts makes for a delicious treat. Make it your own with all your favorite toppings."

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"After quitting her New York City job in the corporate world of insurance and mortgages, Anna Francese Gass created her own apéritif for the culinary industry by attending the Culinary Arts at the French Culinary Institute in Lower Manhattan. Now, the mother, chef, blogger, and wife Anna Francese Gass dedicates her time to ensuring the preservation of her family's (and so many others') keepsake recipes or "heirlooms," as she likes to refer to them."


"I’ve always wanted to learn to make tamales. So when I had the opportunity to cook with my wonderful friend Janet, I asked her if she would show me how they are made in her home country of Mexico. Before we started, she warned me that tamales are a labor of love: While certainly not a quick dish, they would be worth the work, she ensured me."

"This delicious dessert was shared by a wonderful Parsi woman, Khurshid Mehta. This Cream of Wheat-like dessert is served at festive occasions like birthdays. It's creamy, sweet, and adorned with butter-toasted nuts and dried fruit. Amazingly delicious and addictive!"

"This potato salad recipe hails from Berlin and was taught to me by a wonderful German woman, Anke. It's the perfect summer barbecue side dish. Make sure you get good dill pickles—it makes all the difference."

"When Monika visited my Heirloom Kitchen, I knew I was in for a treat. She came armed with ingredients from the Polish store in town and taught me how to make the most delicious pierogi I have ever tasted! Best of all, it's the same way her grandmother in Poland still makes them today."