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From Nonna's Kitchen: A Trip to Mumbai

Recently, I had the immense pleasure of cooking with Khurshid Mehta, a lovely Indian woman who immigrated to the U.S. in the 80’s with her husband and two young boys.  She was born and raised in Bombay (now Mumbai) India.  She is a proud Parsi woman and shared many stories of Parsi traditions and food culture. An example of immigrant work ethic and perseverance, Khurshid would work all day and would come home to cook delicious food for her family. 

Khurshid taught me an immense amount about Indian cooking in our short time together. One of the delicious recipes I learned in my Heirloom Kitchen while cooking with her was for these turkey kebabs (little meatballs.) They make for a great appetizer or as a snack with your favorite beer.


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