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#Thursday Trend Spot: Fruit Toast, The Next BIG Thing?

In the age of Twitter and Instagram the term ‘trending’ has become quite a, well, trend.   We all are trying to keep up with what’s the latest and greatest in fashion, sports, Kim Kardashian and even the foods we eat.  Every month when numerous food periodicals show up in my mailbox it seems like everyone is cooking the same thing at the exact same time.

Lately it seems that every blog, food site and Instagrammer has come up with their version of two very simple ingredients - Avocado. Toast. Well, if you are still eating Avocado toast for breakfast you are SO last year my friend.  The new breakfast, lunch and dinner staple is still toast but now with fruit.  And, to make it even more fancy, make sure to slather some ricotta cheese on the bread first. 

While I hate jumping on any bandwagon, I must admit, its pretty good.  And, it’s nice to take a break from egg white omelets. Get creative, change up the fruit, cheeses and even the canvas - just make sure to toast the bread up to a golden brown because the higher you can pile the toppings, the better!

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