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From Nonna's Kitchen: Oma Susanne's Appelkoken

One of the most magical aspects of an heirloom recipe is that it can transport you.  It can take you to a simpler time and place.  A time when you were young, and childhood was filled with love from doting grandparents and dishes that represent who we are.  A bite of a dish like this will fill you up with warmth, happiness and a sense of family.  Our grandmother’s kitchens were a sacred place where love was in abundance and the stove was always working hard, making something good to eat.

I especially felt this when a recipe for Appelkoken was shared with my heirloom kitchen by Susanne Kidd, a German immigrant. Her beloved grandmother, Oma Hildegard, taught this recipe to her.  Susanne remembers her important task of helping her grandmother on New Year’s Eve when these delicious little donuts are made.

Susanne’s job was to fetch the apples, left over from the fall harvest, from the cellar.  The apples may have been a bit wrinkled but with a good peeling, a fine chop, they were ready to drop in the batter with the rum raisins and fine vanilla sugar.  As baker’s helper, she had the important task to taste the first batch to make sure they were acceptable.  Still warm, they were showered with powdered sugar and served to the lucky New Year’s guests.

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New Year's Day Goat Cheese Quiche

Hurray, it’s 2016! This quiche is perfect for those of us that just want to roll out of bed after staying up late, heat up something delicious and curl up on the couch with a hot cup of coffee.  You can make this quiche days in advance, and simply heat it up in the oven at a moments notice.  Now that’s what I call a Happy New Year!

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