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From Nonna's Kitchen: Fesenjoon (Walnut & Pomegranate Stew)

Each trip into my Heirloom Kitchen has become about so much more than the food.  Now, learning the cuisines and special dishes from around the world has been incredible.  I have been introduced to new flavors, techniques and am constantly surprised at how each woman I cook with can teach me something I have never seen before.

This time, I made a stop in Iran.  I met Sharareh Oveissi and I knew from the minute I walked through the door we would be fast friends.  Beautiful and warm, she quickly began showing me all that she prepared.  A beautiful table called a ‘Haft-Sin’ was set for Nourez, Persian New Year so she could teach me this sacred tradition. 

Nourez is celebrated all over the world.  For Iranians, Persians and Zoroastrians all of the items on the table represent hopes for the new year.  I love the idea of celebrating the new year by creating a table scape of items that will bring health, happiness, prosperity and all the other wonderful things a new year an offer. 


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From Nonna's Kitchen: Once Upon A Tajine (A Lovely Trip to Morocco)

My Heirloom Kitchen has taught me so much more than culinary school ever did.  Old world methods, recipes you many not think will work, but definitely do.  In fact, you see how a few simple ingredients can be transformed into a dish families have (and will) enjoy for generations.

The most recent stop on my global tour was Morocco.  A charming woman, Safoi, introduced me to North African cuisine, a type of food I hadn’t yet explored. Most importantly, she explained the benefits and infinite uses of a tajine, a cooking vessel used in so many Moroccan recipes. It is perfect for slow-cooked foods.

Safoi's chicken tagine is simple and delicious.  The carrots are sweet and create a delicious base. The result is a hearty dish. If you already own a slow cooker, you don’t have to buy a tajine.  However, honestly, now when I place my tajine on the stove and fire it up, I feel like I’ve already arrived in Morocco.

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