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From Nonna's Kitchen: Janet’s Mexican Pork Tamales

One delicious Mexican dish I have always wanted to learn to make was tamales.  So, when I had the opportunity to cook with Janet, a wonderful Mexican woman.  I asked her if she would show me how they are made in Mexico.  She warned me that tamales are a labor of love and is certainly not a quick dish but she ensured me they would be worth the work!

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My Television Debut! Huevos Divorciados

This morning I was invited to be a guest on Channel 8 News, TNH out of New Haven, CT.  It was a great opportunity to promote my Heirloom Kitchen, talk about the incredible ‘Nonnas’ I have cooked with and also let any talented immigrant cooks out there to contact me for a ethnic cooking lesson.

I had a great time chatting about my experiences in the kitchen and was also able to cook a delicious Mexican dish I have learned.  Huevos Divorciados (Divorced Eggs) is an incredible dish of eggs, served on top of some lightly fried corn tortillas.  The secret to great Huevos Divorciados is the homemade salsa verde and salsa rojo poured over the eggs.  Now, one fried egg is covered in salsa verde and the other egg is covered in salsa rojo.  The sauces don’t mix.  That is why these two eggs are divorced!

Janet, the lovely Mexican woman that taught me this dish told me to garnish the dish with some sliced avocado.  Its not a super quick breakfast but I can guarantee those two eggs will reconcile in your stomach.  Unbelievably good!

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Sunday Supper: Carnitas

Carnitas is a very delicious Mexican dish.  Carnitas simply means “little meat” in Spanish and once you let this big cut of pork cook for two hours that is exactly what you get.  Delicious, little nuggets of pork that you can fold into a warm tortilla, add your favorite toppings and spritz with some lime for the perfect balance of fat, salt and tart. 

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