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Sunday Supper: Carnitas

Carnitas is a very delicious Mexican dish.  Carnitas simply means “little meat” in Spanish and once you let this big cut of pork cook for two hours that is exactly what you get.  Delicious, little nuggets of pork that you can fold into a warm tortilla, add your favorite toppings and spritz with some lime for the perfect balance of fat, salt and tart. 

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How To Tuesday: Recipe For Success

It is very apparent that I love all things cooking, but I do understand how frustrating the process can be - especially, if you are not properly equipped with the right tools and ingredients.  Whenever I meet someone that is petrified of cooking my response is always the same.  I believe cooking is a skill, not a gift.  Sorry, to all those celebrity chefs out there that think they are sooo special, but I know I’m right.  Thomas Keller started out as a dishwasher.  Being a chef is like being a carpenter.  No one is born knowing how to build a house or repair a roof.  People interested in that line of work will either attend a trade school or apprentice with a skilled carpenter until they learn the work.  Also, in order to be a successful carpenter, you need to invest in the proper materials and the right tools to get the job done.

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