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Sunday Supper: Oven Baked Baby Back Ribs

This recipe is one of my favorite inventions.  It shows that your oven is a magical place and sometimes, minimal effort can still produce maximum results.  I’m a huge fan of ribs and never liked the fact that once summer ended, so did my enjoyment of a good plate of ribs.  I stumbled upon a rib recipe that gave an oven variation.  I tried it and it was ok, but not great.   I still missed the grill.

A few years later, I found another recipe that was pretty complicated but touted one simple practice that I thought was genius.  So, I grabbed that, made a few tweaks and came up with a killer recipe that produces the juiciest, fall of the bone ribs you will ever make!

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Sunday Supper (Fall Favorites): Lasagna Bolognese

My favorite aspect of Fall is how we all begin to crave some down-home cooking.  Summer is for eating light and grilling everything.  However, once the leaves begin to turn color and scatter, we break out the slow cooker, baked recipes and enjoy our Nonna recipes that keep us sated and warm, inside and out.

I’ve said in past posts how my mother’s brodo (tomato sauce) pops up in many of her recipes so I always have it on hand.  First, I make a big batch of brodo on Saturday, divvy it up into Tupperware and store it in the freezer.  Then, when I want to make a recipe, like Pasta Bolognese, I get fresh ground meat, pancetta frying up in the pan and add my brodo for a killer pasta sauce.

If I want to make an extra special dinner, I take it one step further, I make besciamella and roll out fresh lasagna sheets.  These components come together for a truly stand out dish, Lasagna Bolognese.

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Sunday Supper: Pork Milanese

Once summer rolls in, we hit the grill hard.  Eating on paper plates, al fresco dining is fun and relaxing. On Sunday though, I still like to make a nice, sit down meal inside.  Old traditions die hard I guess and I don’t feel right unless I lay the tablecloth out and make something a bit special to enjoy at the end of the week. 

Tonight I'm making Pork Milanese.  The term ‘Milanese’ means the meat is pounded paper thin and then dipped in egg and Italian bread crumbs.  Italians love this dish and they make it with chicken, veal, pork and my mom will even do it with thin sliced steak!  It’s lightly fried in olive oil and then spritzed with lots and lots of lemon.  Serve it on top of a light arugula salad and I’m telling you, it’s downright heavenly.

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