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From Nonna's Kitchen: Grandma Harriet's Matzo Brei

Before Passover ends, I wanted to feature another recipe from my husband’s wonderful grandmother Harriet.  I asked her if she had a matzo brei recipe and she quickly responded with her beloved mother Jeanne’s recipe.  Every Passover, this matzo brei was served to Harriet as a young girl.  She and her sister considered it quite a treat.  The best part?  This matzo brei is slathered with apricot jam before you give it a quick broil in the oven.

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Sweet Tooth Friday: Pass-Over Some Mandel Bread

Tonight starts the beginning of Passover, so I asked JoAnn Elice (a previous Heirloom featured 'Nonna') to share one of her favorite Passover desserts.  Always so generous, ‘Mimi’ Jo immediately obliged with her delicious Chocolate Chip Mandel Bread.

‘Mandelbrot’ known today as Mandel Bread, originates in Eastern European, and simply means almond bread because it included ground almond flour; an acceptable flour for Passover.  Just like biscotti, it is cooked twice but is much softer due to the high fat content.  They are perfect for dunking!

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